Finding the Right Prescription Sunglasses for Men

Sunglasses are essential accessories for men to make outdoor activities more convenient and comfortable. But men requiring prescription lenses know the struggle of locating functional, stylish prescription sunglasses. The limited selection in stores often lacks the right fit, features, or aesthetic. Fortunately, some tips can help guys find quality prescription shades tailored to their needs.

Identify Priorities

Consider how you will use your sunglasses and what's most important - sports performance, ultraviolet protection, style, comfort, etc. This will guide you towards appropriate lens, frame, and design options. Focus on must-have versus nice-to-have features.

Select Lens Material

Specialized lens materials like polycarbonate provide impact protection for active use, while others like polarized lenses reduce glare. Prioritize options delivering key benefits for how you'll wear the sunglasses. Also look for coatings or tints providing UV protection.

Consider Frame Style

The frame shape and size should complement your face structure and style needs. Compare different looks - classic aviator, sporty wraparounds, sleek wayfarers, etc. Prescription inserts for existing sunglasses are another option, though verify optical quality.

Know Your Measurements

Providing precise pupillary distance and frame measurements when ordering prescription sunglasses ensures the optics will be tailored to you. This guarantees maximum comfort and optical accuracy. Use a ruler for sizing and ask your optician to measure your PD.

At sprzelook, our experts help men find stylish, quality prescription sunglasses optimized for their lifestyle. Browse our collection or contact us to get started designing the ideal shades. We'll bring your vision into focus!

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